You can’t threaten a journalist, union tells PS

Press release
Prosecute Dr Muraguri
Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) demands immediate resignation and prosecution of Health Principal Secretary Dr Nicholas Muragari for defending wanton corruption at the Ministry and threats to a Business Daily journalist.
Thousands of Kenyans die every second due to lack of drugs and medical equipment in our public hospitals, but a public officer who is entrusted with this very significant responsibility of saving lives can afford to defend the loss of Ksh 5 billion with threats to the media.
Besides dancing on the graves of Kenyans whose lives could have been saved by the drugs and equipment that were to be procured by the diverted funds, Dr Muraguri disclosed that the government will instead consider hacking into systems of newsrooms, and spy what journalists are doing.
This is an affront on Chapter Six of our Constitution and we call upon President Uhuru Kenyatta to demand accountability from such public officers who believe that espionage in newsrooms is the only cure to corruption cancer in government ministries.
Erick Oduor
Secretary General

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